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Rich Dad’s Prophecy, by Robert Kiyosaki – Review

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They kill the widow and the outsider, and murder the bastard. Numerous ever, have gotten a youngster conceived with only one parent present a jerk. This word isn’t to mean a youngster conceived in such a manner however despite what might be expected, it implies an individual who isn’t embraced into the Family of God. Heb 12:8 But in the event that ye be without reprimand, whereof all are partakers, at that point are ye rats, and not children. This expression is concerning the absence of need to change in to the methods for the Lord. Cannot, revision and guidance. Prophecy comes in numerous structures, in this case, premature birth is coming into line with prophecy, through changing the significance of the word of God.

On the off chance that You Could Know the Future, Would You Invest Differently?

Rich Dad’s Prophecy is the book by Robert Kiyosaki that is subtitled:Why the Biggest Stock Market Crash in History Is Still Coming…urthermore, How You Can Prepare Yourself and Profit from It!This book was composed (with Kiyosaki’s co-writer and accomplice, Sharon Lechter, C.P.A.) in 2002. The majority of the forecasts made in this book are spot on track – if not in front of calendar.The essential “prophecy” is that a MAJOR financial exchange change is coming in 2016. This is the year when an expected 2,282,887 “gen X-ers” turn 70 –  Request personal Prophecy and are legally necessary to make compulsory withdrawals from their 401 (k) accounts. In 2017, the quantity of individuals turning 70 hops by 700,000 to 2,928,818, and continues expanding each year from there on.

I don’t get this’ meaning?

Since the formation of the pre-charge retirement reserves, Americans have been offered motivators to put/spend their investment funds on stocks and common assets. Markets climb ONLY when a greater number of individuals are purchasing than selling. 2016 is the year when a galactic air pocket of retirees are compelled to make withdrawals. This is stipulated in the law that made 401(k) accounts explicitly so that charges would be expected and payable to the Federal government NOT LATER than starting at age 70.

Kiyosaki recounts to the account of his “Rich Dad’s Prophecy” in light of the order of “ERISA” (The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974.) What his “rich father” anticipated were the issues of passing control of retirement financing to people. These issues include:

1. A great many people don’t spare anything, or path not exactly required for retirement and therapeutic costs – which keep on expanding.

2. The individuals who made 401 (k) accounts had to move toward becoming “financial specialists”, an action recently saved for well off (and instructed) examiners. All the while, the securities exchange was overwhelmed with reserves.

This is actually what occurred:

– Most individuals without corporate benefits – supplanted by discretionary 401 (k) plans – went directly on spending their cash on material merchandise and sparing pretty much nothing or nothing (indeed, piling on record measures of shopper unpaid liability.)

– The minority of laborers who made venture accounts (as yet numbering in the millions) infused billions into stocks and common assets. The securities exchange flooded to record levels with the inflow of money.

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Can I Grow to Do Better Personal Prophecy?

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On the off chance that you need to rehearse your blessing basically keep in touch with Matthew at mailto:survivorscom and compose two or three sections for prophecy to him.


Basically start Matthew, I feel the Lord needs to express this to you…


When you have composed the word you, the following sentence will come into your psyche. As you finish each sentence the following sentence will ring a bell, essentially continue composing until the message closes. Over the Internet Matthew has passed on his blessing and has been honored by various predictions he has gotten from the fledglings he has helped raise up. Take the risk my kids and test your new blessing by composing Matthew a prophecy, he has the opportunity to understand them request personal prophetic word and give nitty gritty criticism.


Love and harmony

Sacred text records

Romans 12:6 (New King James Version)


6-                            Having then blessings varying as per the beauty that is given to us, let us use them: if prophecy, let us forecast in relation to our confidence; It is significant for us to take note of that an individual can just prediction as indicated by their personal confidence. An individual that has little confidence for mending will experience serious difficulties forecasting over an individual who is wiped out so they will be made well. An individual who has little confidence for personal marvels may think that its difficult to forecast over a woman that necessities to fall pregnant with the goal that she can imagine an infant in her belly.


That being stated, the facts confirm that the more you forecast and do persona prophecy for individuals the more experienced you become and the more noteworthy your confidence for the prophetic develops. The more you develop in your confidence, the more you can accomplishing progressively outstanding things in prophecy.


I know as a matter of fact that the endowment of word of Knowledge develops the more you practice the blessing. Word of information is a hard blessing to work in on the off chance that you don’t have a ton of confidence as it is the most straightforward to recognize in the event that you are correct straight away. On the off chance that you get a word of information wrong the individual knows immediately that you failed to understand the situation. Regularly this keeps prophetic individuals away from utilizing the blessing frequently as they are terrified of misunderstanding predictions.


Acting in word of insight, that is provide individuals guidance in predictions is likewise a development zone with time and confidence in God. At an early stage in your prophetic vocation with God you may avoid giving individuals headings from God but as you develop in trust in your blessing and blessing God will have you give his directions to individuals through word of wisdom.So the finish of the issue is that, YES you can develop in your prophetic gifting.Many individuals live under the mixed up educating or supposition that on the off chance that they can do personal prophecy or corporate prophecy that they are called by God to be in the workplace of prophet. This isn’t so.


  • An individual that can peruse his Bible and compose a lesson and lecture a message isn’t a minister or cleric, nor is an individual that can do personal prophecy a prophet. Numerous individuals expect that the endowment of prophecy implies that the individual is a prophet and there are numerous individuals circumventing the group of Christ saying that they are a prophet when everything they can do is personal prophecy.
  • The endowment of prophecy is accessible to all individuals with the Holy Spirit in their life, for prophecy is essentially the Holy Spirit addressing an individual or gathering of individuals through a human voice. The workplace of prophet anyway is an office that is a livelihood and something that is selected by God for an individual to move toward becoming and you basically can’t turn into a prophet by willing it to be or in any event, setting off to a prophetic school of the prophets.

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Prophecy — angelic deployments growing.

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One of the fascinating phenomena that is increasingDramatically in the spirit realm is angelic visitations. They are coming out in their regular covert and in the back of the scene roles into discrete however effective encounters with many human beings in recent times. Their assignments have both extended or god is starting the prophetic realm, so we can see past the veil of the natural into the supernatural arena.

This is ideal. We want help from a higher supply and now not simply the ones concerned with alcoholics nameless. God is transferring gears in his nation, and we earn for trade. Trade on the fly so to talk. This change brings healing. We want not fear. But, we do want to place our religion in god and are seeking after him for relationship. Whose facet do you need to be on?

I want to pick out a number of the upper stage angels being deployed. They’re mandated by god to implement his nation, and they assist those that walk with him right here. Those as all gods holy angels do, obey the commands of god and his word. There are 4 archangels which are operating now the earth and within the religious realms. VISIT Request a ProphecyThey’ve standing orders to work against evil strategies of the parish nation.

Michael is the one set over mercy and lengthy-struggling. He releases those graces over the nations, human beings corporations and people. Raphael is the only set over all sicknesses and all the wounds of guys. He brings the ones gifts of restoration, miracles and healing of health into the herbal global. Gabriel is the only set over all the powers. He confronts and enforces god’s will over international locations and areas.

He engages in religious battle in opposition to the principalities and spirits of wickedness inside the second heaven on the whole. channel is the only set over repentance unto hope of people who inherit everlasting existence. He courses people into the paths of god’s light. He releases grace for recognition of sin, religious starvation and preference for righteousness.

Below those powerful archangels are infinite holy angels which are assigned to individuals. Those ministering angels actively protect, Improve, refresh and attend to our prayer requests and the fulfillment to prayer. They orchestrate god’s will and his country to come back for us and through us. they’re also those that escort us into the non-secular realm in the course of trances, visions, goals and prophetic revelatory experiences. They work quality when we well-known their present

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The World Has Refused To End

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There was worry all around the region and worry become instilled in hearts of so many humans when the recent prophecy about the looming cease of the world was given. It turned into a fear occasioned through a stark reality that indeed, the sector could in the future come to an stop. The existence we stay is a very short lifestyles. The Bible describes it as a vapour which seems for a while after which vanishes away (James 4:14).

One in every of our tracts had this caption: “Will You omit Heaven?” The concept is to remind us about the shortness of lifestyles, and that at the time it ends, where will you be? We’re advised by means of the Bible two crucial destinations of the human souls at the stop of lifestyles – heaven and hell. What we do with our existence right here in the world determines the area we are able to spend eternity. The tract cited above was virtually a timely caution to the adamant who has no thought of the next day and what it has in keep. Dying brings to an end what seems an countless existence, and so normally we are grieved by way of the activities of death.

It’s far human nature to maintain in a consolation quarter. We whinge plenty when something interrupts our sports. When humans die and cross into eternity, we aren’t simply troubled approximately ourselves as to what’s going to be our own lot. We are handiest touched in most cases on the time of loss of a person else’s lifestyles however do nothing critical approximately ourselves, yet dying stays the lot of every man or women.

Aside from bodily death, the Bible speaks of a time whilst each soul will return to the Maker. The Bible similarly talks about Rapture, that’s a catching away of the saints. Request prophetic word This period is defined as a time of unexpected surprises, when human beings will start to disappear without any more bodily trace in the world. As they get raptured, the soak up celestial bodies match for heavenly fellowships. Folks who get raptured are right-living and holy human beings – folks that gave their lives to Jesus Christ and await His return.

Time after time, Christians are continually in await this excellent experience. As a end result, they were rattled with the aid of those who do now not truely accept as true with the lessons of Jesus Christ. We hear the claims and noise approximately so many humans being Christians and occupying a massive chew of the arena population, yet the Christians understand themselves. Christianity has been ridiculed in so many approaches through so many human beings. Occasionally, they make use of the Christians’ Holy e-book, the Bible, to champion their path of destruction. Such a lot of religions today, other than the Christianity, are using the Bible to train their congregations.

As Christians, whilst we read the Bible, we discover why God allowed so many others to stay in lack of knowledge. He stored quiet because those people determined to perception blunders, and as such, God can’t exchange them towards their wish until the time in their grace is over. The Bible tells us such a lot of things about Jesus Christ and prophecy. Whilst He became faced on how and whilst the arena ought to give up, He without a doubt instructed them that the selection is within the hand of God (His Father) to take. Searching at what that portends to our present period, we remember that men of nowadays could as an alternative turn blue to black to reach at a point.

Saturday, twenty first of may also, 2011 continues to be fresh in our memory. This become the day the entire global imagined to have ended according to trendy day prophets. Having lost on the centre of human affairs, they motel to prophetic babbling to stay prominent. The prophetic sign at the horizon heralding the give up of the sector on a specific date turned into indeed and hoax. In spite of the “love” these prophets had on us, to have spent so much money on advertisements – billboards, radio, books, tv, internet, and many others, to warn us of the brand new development, they most effective succeeded in ridiculing themselves earlier than the arena. I heard a story in Nigeria, in which one man who turned into not used to attending Church, went and took his Bible and devoted the whole of that Saturday analyzing, meditating and praying to God. If the sector had ended as the prediction had it, this man would had been saved. The equal component is applicable to the rich people of this international who have no regard for God. Muslims and other contributors of numerous religions would also find automated salvation if God will provide us a date while the world will cease.

The fact of the matter is that the sector ends. No person knows the day, the time or the hour. That is why ought to do right and remain in doing suitable always. If we are not going to be stuck unawares, then Christianity is a ruse. I still don’t forget someday about the year 2000, when scientists anticipated a trouble that has the ability to have devastating effects in almost every place of human life; a duration while many computers will no longer understand “00” as a valid yr, thereby bringing systems that manage things like the glide of electricity grinding to a halt. As a result, organizations and governments went into spending and devoting limitless hours to be able to locate and attach all times of the problem. They received and the yr 2000 is now within the beyond.

In the Bible, while the sinner noticed the glories of heaven and the negative kingdom of hell, he requested that a messenger be sent to his father’s residence to warn his closing brothers of the ugly scenario that anticipate them must they preserve in doing evil. It’s far obvious that the request become turned down, due to the fact there had been preachers and prophets that are already doing the process there. Christ told us to hold in properly doing in order that on the time whilst he’ll appear to be a thief in the night, he will now not find us trying. Now, you could see the problem of the predicting about the quit of the world with dates connected. Christ taught us to preach that the dominion of Heaven is handy, but no longer to mention that it’s far “day after today” or next, because it is able to be NOW!

The problem of the cease of the world is a hassle that threatens more than the lack of power and warmth similar to the only in yr 2000; it has the efficiency of bringing losses far greater than the loss of all the wealth inside the world – the lack of your SOUL. Sin is the leader constructor of this loss. Other than the truth that it causes the sinner worry, and makes him a coward earlier than all and his Maker, it’s far capable of causing him everlasting damnation. It’s far sin that reasons guy to suppose and purpose in shallow approaches. Simply as programmers who installed our computer systems did now not suppose that their actions could have an effect on the future of mankind, so are such a lot of people these days. They have got mistakenly believed that life has no “quit”, and so determine to live with out a idea for the destiny.

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