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For whatever reason, you are obviously debating whether or not you should get a design tattooed permanently onto your skin. If you have already decided on getting a tattoo, then the next step is the biggest and most important one; deciding on what tattoo designs you want for life. Prior to getting my first tattoo I was unaware of tattoo membership type-sites, or tattoo review sites (which review the membership sites). 먹튀검증 Therefore, my friend and I spent hour upon hour searching for that perfect tattoo design, only to come across the same cliche designs again and again, no matter what we searched in Google. Our next journey for a good tattoo design led us to a local tattoo parlor where we sat for a good hour and a half, just flipping through tons of pages of the same old designs that we have all seen on other people at least once.

After spending all this time on our unsuccessful searches for the perfect tattoo, we ended up just drawing our own design and getting it tattooed on us.

Some time later we discovered a few websites including, Tattoo-Me-Now, Tattoo My Brain, and Chopper-Tattoo. If we had only found these membership sites sooner, we would have been able to find a tattoo design within minutes. Each one of these tattoo sites costs around thirty bucks to become a member, and once you pay this small fee, your membership, is good for life.

In my friends case and me we just split the cost of the membership at Tattoo-Me-Now. We chose this tattoo galley website because it came with the most amount of features and an interactive community. Some of the features include a tattoo galley of pictures that 토토사이트 먹튀 members have uploaded to the site, videos of people getting their ink done, a tattoo parlor directory which leads you to the best tattoo shops in your area which includes locations in 38 different countries, a members forum that allows everyone to communicate to one another about their different tattoo experiences, and finally, of course there are over 3,000 tattoo designs in every type of category you could imagine.

All three of the tattoo member ship websites are a great resource for inspirational designs and ideas. If you want the full out tattoo community experience then I suggest going with Tattoo-Me-Now, but if you’re not really interested in all the extra hoopla, and just want lifetime access to thousands of designs, then Chopper-Tattoo or Tattoo My Brain are all you need.

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