Final Fantasy VIII – Game Secrets

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Final Fantasy VIII was released for the Sony PlayStation and became insanely popular within days. Containing over one hour of CG animation, Final Fantasy VIII is a dynamic role playing game spanning over four PlayStation game discs. The game contains a great character line-up and is my favourite of the Final Fantasy series.

Early AP Gaining

When you are first able to leave Garden, head towards the beach. As long as you run along the sand, you will fight monsters that are half buried. Each kill will provide you with two AP (six AP for a group of three). If you have your GF’s learn boost and Sum Mag +10% & 20%, you will be in a great position for an early boost in AP. Later on, when you defeat Biggs and Wedge for the first time on top of the tower, you will be chased by a large robotic machine. Use your GF’s to deplete the machine’s health and you will receive a boost of 50 AP. A very well deserved reward.

Escape from Battle without Damage

First, you will want to set the ATB mode to ‘WAIT’. During a battle that you wish to escape from, access a menu to pause the ATB, and then hold L2 & R2 to escape. The game will not allow any enemies a chance to attack you because the ATB mode is set to ‘WAIT’. Meanwhile, Escape room you are still able to escape without harm, guaranteed.

Unlimited Free Potions

It is possible to get unlimited free potions while you are in Timber. Get Rinoa or Quistis in your party and head to the bridge where you saw the guards. Keep entering and exiting the screen until a man appears. Talk to him twice in order to receive a potion. This can be done an unlimited amount of times and is a great way to stock up before battle or to gain extra Gil (by selling the potions).

Infinite Gil

Once you have learn the ability ‘Recovery-Med RF’ and have 100,000 Gil you can attain infinite Gil. To do this, buy 100 tents and refine them in to 25 mega-potions using the aforementioned ability. You can then sell your 25 mega-potions for 125,000 Gil. This trick can be further enhanced by using Tonberry’s Haggle ability. Repeat this process for unlimited amounts of Gil to buy whatever you may need.

Easily Defeat Abadon

On the third disc you will meet an enemy called Abadon. To kill this enemy with minimal fuss, simply use healing items on it. A phoenix down will result in an instant kill and victory for you. This happens because Abadon is afflicted with zombie status and will also work for any other enemy in this state.

The above mentioned secrets are tried and tested by both myself and others. They will work 100 percent of the time and are definitely handy in such a large and complex game.

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